John has the RIGHT skills, experience, education, values, and the RIGHT VISION to REPRESENT US. He is a working class candidate, and the RIGHT one to REPRESENT MISSOURIANS. John knows poverty and what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet.

John was raised modestly in rural Mansfield, Missouri, by a single mom and World War Two Nazi- fighting veteran father. His family has served this country for 242 years. John is ready to serve us now.

John knows rural Missouri living and values. He was a star athlete at Mansfield High, home of the Lions, where he led his team to the State Championships. In his home town, where Laura Ingall’s Wilder wrote her Little House on the Prairie books, he has seen the impact of global trade on local business and the resulting loss of children to cities for opportunities not available at home, and of poor children to adoption due to poverty. He has also seen the devastation created by the opioid crisis and gutting of social services. John is committed to strengthening rural America.

John earned his foreign policy bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, ranked 4th in the world. He will complete his master’s degree in journalism at Mizzou during the campaign. Mizzou’s journalism program is ranked 1st in the world. John has focused his journalism work on documenting Missouri’s poverty and inequality. He is trained as a photojournalist and editorial writer.

John worked on Wall Street and in documentary TV, so he is savvy about how Big Business has captured our Congress and knows what must be done to fix this problem to restore our democracy back to the people. He is currently a progressive radio commentator on conservative talk radio. His experience and media savvy provide the underdog skills needed to win!