Fighting for Missourians



Health care should not be wealth care. The lives of millions of people should not be shortened for lack of money. Today, millions use and like Medicare.

  • I propose Medicare for All, as a pathway to universal healthcare for everyone. This is a fiscally responsible and moral solution to today’s abysmal health care delivery system.


States are stripping Americans of the right to raise their own wages and standard of living.

  • I propose a federal living wage since the evidence indicates that only a federal solution will solve the issue of wage suppression. This is an excellent way to help the working person, to expand the middle class, and decrease financial insecurity.


Social and economic inequality, these are the issues of our time. As long as today’s Congress is in power, captured by Wall Street, and for so long as institutionalized inequality persists, the promise of a fair and prosperous America for everyone is just that, a dream. The Farmer Plan, will deliver the New American Dream for everyone. The Farmer Plan includes these proposals that are not exhaustive.

  • I propose regenerating the middle class and our rural areas.
  • I propose reforms to our educational, energy production, criminal justice, and farming sectors.
  • I propose a foreign and trade policy that restores American leadership and promotes security.
  • I propose reforming campaign finance and corporate governance for the benefit of real people.


Imagine we build a nation where health care is guaranteed for everyone; where seniors enjoy economic security and dignity; where families and children are supported and protected from government overreach; where our air and water are clean; where our privacy is guaranteed; where our students enjoy modern public schools and affordable secondary education; where working people enjoy a living wage and financial security; where our veterans are cared for; where all people are guaranteed equal civil rights in a just legal system. Imagine we create a healthy and secure nation where our food supply is protected, where our farmers and small businesses prosper; where predatory businesses are closed down, and Wall Street abuses regulated and punished harshly. Imagine we build new, green infrastructure; generate millions of good, high-paying, future-proof jobs; and imagine we tend to our neglected rural areas so our children there can grow old at home. This is an America that is just, fair, nurturing, and non-partisan. It is one we can afford if we wisely chose how to spend our national wealth. It is a New American Dream for all, not just the few. This is the vision of America I want to help bring about.

The vision I have shared encompasses the desires of Generation X, which I represent, and the Millennial generation that is rising. We are new blood. Our time has come. Trust us in 2018 to build a better future.