December 30, 2017

USA Today opinion editorial – Congress works for big donors, not all constituents (by John Farmer de la Torre)

Here’s my latest op-ed in the Springfield News Leader and USA Today. This time I discuss how donors have bribed Congress, and how our neighbors live. I call us to purge Congress in 2018 as a matter of self-defense and to end the contempt of Congress for working people. More importantly, I lay out my vision of the Ozarks and America. My vision can be realized if we pitch in together. It’s a vision that brings prosperity and opportunity to our rural areas, brings security and opportunity to our seniors and young people, that supports family, the middle class, and small business, and launches us into the future. It is a vision that puts people first and Wall Street last. I hope you will find it worth backing.

December 12, 2017

KSGF 104.1 PODCAST: Left, Right & Somewhere In-between- Episode 38

Nick Reed chats with David and John about: the space program, the Alabama Senate special election, the Greene County audit, class warfare and privilege, and Springfield panhandling.

November 29, 2017

Springfield Indivisible’s Candidate Forum

MO 7th Congressional District Candidate Meet and Greet hosted by Springfield Indivisible.